My screening process is simple but strictly enforced. Please do not ask to be the exception. I understand that the screening process can sometimes seem a bit intimidating. I pride myself on the level of complete discretion that I provide. Whether this means that when traveling we must never be seen together, or that dinner dates require we are nestled away somewhere private, you can be assured that my lips are forever sealed. Additionally, you will never have to be concerned that my public behavior or attire will be anything less than perfectly appropriate.

I am happy to get creative during the verification process if you are a newbie, however transparency is a must. 

When clients are trying to secure an appointment, those who have already been screened will be my priority.



~ Public v. Private Time

Dates over two hours are expected to include time outside of the boudoir. It is my belief that those who choose to spend time with me do so for more than just a quick romp. Let's have delicious dinner with a bottle of wine, go to a show, the jazz club, a live sporting event or concert, even get a lapdance or two at a gentlemen's club. Should you have privacy concerns, I am happy to discuss other options.

~ Cancellations

I'm sensitive to the fact that life happens and that not everything can be planned for. Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will have one opportunity to reschedule without penalty. A second cancellation will require a 50% non-refundable deposit to reschedule. However, I reserve the right to implement the cancellation policy as I see fit. Certain dates cancelled less than 24 hours in advance of our date can incur up to a 50% cancellation fee. No call or no show will be unable to book again without a full deposit.

~ Deposits

I reserve the right to request a deposit for first time dates, especially if the date is for an extended period of time. Should you need to cancel, the full amount of your deposit will be applied to your next booking, unless you've cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. In that case, you forfeit 50% of your deposit and the remainder will be applied to your next booking. Deposits must clear before I reserve time for us on my calendar.

~ Payment Options

The only payment option accepted for a first date is cash, though this may be waived at my discretion if you would prefer to use a credit card, Venmo, or Square Cash. But typically, after meeting and becoming an established suitor, options such as having credit on account, wire transfer/bank transfer and PayPal, Venmo, or Square Cash may be made available at my discretion.

~ Incall/Outcall

At this time, I only offer outcalls when home in the Chicago area. I am always happy to book a hotel for us to address privacy concerns with the understanding that the cost of accommodation should be fully reimbursed by you. Should I be visiting another city, incall may be available at no additional fee.

Please note that I only visit upscale hotels and suburbs. I might also opt out of visiting some private homes (in areas I am unfamilar with) without glowing reviews from providers whom you have seen within the last 6 months.



~ Deposits

All FMTU travel requires a 50% deposit.  Should you need to cancel our trip, I will hold onto your deposit for 90 days in order to allow a rebooking. You may also refer to the above "payment options".

~ ‚ÄčTransportation

I generally prefer that we arrive and depart from our destination separately.  There are instances, when separate arrivals and departures do not make sense and I am always willing to make certain exceptions.

‚ÄčOn flights over three hours, Business or First class airfare is greatly appreciated. This way you can guarantee that I am well rested when I arrive at your door.

~ FMTY Overnights

Seven hours is my minimum sleep requirement in order to wake up refreshed and ready to explore our surroundings, or perhaps each other :)